Saturday, November 19, 2005

Legislation to Focus on Landscape Water

AB 2717 and What It Means to Builders

By Tom Ash

University and public agency studies reveal that California landscapes are overwatered by about 40 percent. Over-watering is the hidden culprit behind urban runoff, high water costs and property damage that cost builders many millions annually and expose them to undue risk. The long-term impact of landscape water waste is a reduced water supply incapable of supporting our growing population.

AB 2717, which became law in 2004, is aimed directly at stretching water supplies through more efficient landscape water use. Legislators revised the existing state landscape water conservation law, AB 325, to “make recommendations leading to comprehensive actions that will improve landscape water use efficiency” (AB 2717 task force). Their objectives were reducing current outdoor water consumption by at least 25 percent to avoid water shortages and reduce urban runoff pollution.

more… (PDF)


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