Monday, November 03, 2008

From Soft Drinks to Real Estate: How a Looming Water Crisis Affects Our World and How to Optimize the Business Opportunity

MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta
October 23, 2008
Studios of Georgia Public Broadcasting

Climate change has already turned chronically short fresh water supplies in places like the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa into dire emergencies. It has even precipitated terrible resource conflicts such as in Darfur. But the Third World isn’t the only place tension and upheaval over water resource may be found. Those from the desert Southwest have contended with shortages for over a century. Now the Southeastern US is dealing with the worst drought in nearly 150 years. This program will discuss:

  • How is the Water Crisis impacting businesses broadly?
  • What is the impact on key industries such as real-estate development and agri-business?
  • How does the cost of water impact the cost of goods from hamburgers to t-shirts?
  • How are new technologies being used to mitigate the crisis?
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