Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Save water, save energy, save money, save manpower

By Harry Fuller
GreenTech Pastures,

Moving water around uses a lot of energy in the United States and many other agricultural nations. A Petaluma, California, firm is selling digital control systems that can save both water and the energy needed to move it about. The company is HydroPoint. The product is called Weathertrak.

I recently spoke with their President and CEO, Paul Ciandrini.

He explained the components of their system. HydroPoint has seven software patents for a system that calculates eighteen variables for any irrigation or outdoor water use system. Things like weather, soil type, grade or slope, amount of shade, crop or plant varieties. Using real-time weather data from the many thousands of U.S. weather stations plus data on the specific local conditions of the customer’s landscape can yield a set of projections on how much water is needed. The data is analyzed by Weathertrak algorithms, then directions are sent wirelessly via regular cell phone frequencies to the specific irrigation system controller. Caindrini explains the system works by calculating evapotranspiration per square kilometer and has a dependable moisture replenishment model. More >>>