Friday, August 07, 2009

Long Beach Isn't Alone

Following up on yesterday's post of Long Beach's success in reducing water use in response to the drought are two similar stories. First up is this story from the Ventura County Star:

The call to reduce water use has been heard in Ventura County.

The Calleguas Municipal Water District, which supplies water to most of the county, on Wednesday reported a more than 15 percent decrease in water usage in July.

“We’re heading in the right direction,” said Eric Bergh, resources manager for Calleguas. “The message has been delivered.”

Next up is news from the Press Democrat that Sonoma ,Marin and Mendocino county customers of the Sonoma County Water District, home to some of California's best vineyards, old growth redwoods, beautiful coastline and yours truly, Hydropoint Data Systems, have exceeded some of the most ambitious water conservation goals in the state:

Halfway through a six-month conservation period, the 600,000 people in Sonoma and Marin counties who rely primarily on Russian River water delivered by the Sonoma County Water Agency have reduced consumption from all sources by 29 percent. That easily exceeds the goal of 25 percent.

In Mendocino County, communities along the river are flirting with the 50 percent reduction called for by the state.

“Definitely people have stepped up,” said Mike Thompson, the water agency’s deputy chief engineer. “Just from driving around the area, we see a lot more lawns on the brown side and people seem to be a lot more cognizant of the need to conserve water this year.”

The success has allowed the Water Agency to far exceed the state’s companion mandate that it reduce the amount of water it pumps from the Russian River by 25 percent. In fact, the agency is diverting 34 percent less than it did in 2004, the base year used by the state.

As you can see, Californian's are responding well to the call to conserve. That said, we do think it's worth pointing out that with the application of a little technology, homeowners can conserve water and maintain a beautiful landscape.


Anonymous said...

As techno-savvy as California is, why are they dragging their feet when it comes to implementing this water saving technology???

Shame on you Governator!!!

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