Monday, August 03, 2009

Measuring Your Water Footprint: Part II

Just as we're all starting to feel well versed on water use and its relationship to a sustainable lifestyle, along comes this read from Mother Jones to let us know that, just as with your carbon footprint, your water footprint involves more than just your direct use of the resource.

Be sure and check out the links embedded in the story as well, there's a lot more great info hiding in there...


Anonymous said...

Although we learned in primary school that Water is a renewable resource, the current water consumption rates are much larger than the rate at which it is renewed, not to mention the chemicals that waste water treatment plants fail to eliminate (Encocrine Disrupting Compunds for example). This is also happening with soil, which is renewable in the long-term but we are using it faster than it can form. The next 'panic' subject (if not already) will be 'loss of fertile soils'. There is no use in continuing to think these reports are alarmist... wake up!! we are not living in a limitless world!

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